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Career Solution Center provide you Ad post job. Here, you are trained to work from home. Career Solution Center gives you the right job to do income sitting at home. Ad post work is completely online. This would require an internet to work. It can work in mobile, computer, tablet.

The aim of our company is to give maximum number of people opportunities to work from home and get the right income. This will give more and more publicity to our company. You have to post ad for our company. We will give you website of any company, in that website you have to post ad of our company.


You will get 0.40 for one ad post. Only for active ad will you get money. Money will not be paid for any other ad post.

Entries Per Day Payment Per Entry Daily Income Weekly Income (7 Days) Monthly Income (30 Days) Action
1000 0.40 400 2800 12000


• Qualification is not required

• Time limitation is not required

• Computer knowledge is not required

• You can post ad anywhere, anytime

• Age limitation: 18 years above

• Male/female, everybody can do

• Online Training Support

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